Our Vegetables

  • Chinese cabbage

    Chinese cabbage

    - nutritious and inexpensive

    Chinese cabbage is, as the name indicates, largely cultivated in China, but cultivation in Iceland began around 1975.
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  • Strawberries


    -tasty and fresh

    Strawberry plants are herbaceous perennial plants. The plants are multiplied with slips and they are usually allowed to grow for one year before they begin forming flowers and berries.
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  • Candy Tomatoes

    Candy Tomatoes

    -Sweet and tasty

    Among varieties are Sunstream, which resembles peppers in shape, Candy tomatoes have very sweet taste and each cluster has 12 fruits, weighing 20-25 g each.
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  • Kale


    -good source of vitamins

    Kale is closely related to other types of cabbage, such as head cabbage, Brussel sprout, cauliflower, and broccoli, but also mustard, horseradish, and cress.
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Our Farmers

  • Hverat˙n


    -cultivation of lettuce

    The horticultural facility Hveratún is located at Laugarás and the couple Magnús Skúlason and Sigurlaug Sigurmundsdóttir cultivate vegetables there.
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  • ForsŠti IV

    ForsŠti IV

    -where the potatoes grow

    The couple Kristján Gestsson and Anna Guðbergsdóttir cultivate potatoes at the farm Forsæti IV in the Flóahreppur district and have done so since 1970.
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  • ┴rtangi


    -with the right flavor

    The couple Sigurdís Edda Jóhannesdóttir and Gunnar Þorgeirsson, horticulturist, run the horticultural facility Ártangi in Grímsnes. Where they cultivate  17 varieties of herbs.
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  • Br˙n


    -where the greenhouses are filled with delicious cherry tomatoes

    The couple Birgir Thorsteinson and Margrét Böðvarsdóttir live at the horticultural facility Brún. Where they grow cherry tomatoes.
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