Sigurlaug and Magn˙s

The horticultural facility Hveratún is located at Laugarás and the couple Magnús Skúlason and Sigurlaug Sigurmundsdóttir cultivate vegetables there. Magnús was raised at Hveratún, but his parents, Skúli Magnússon and Guðný Pálsdóttir, began cultivation there in the year 1946. He says that it seemed like a logical thing to do to take over the business from his parents, being the youngest of the siblings. He and Sigurlaug became joint owners of the facility in 1983 and acceded to full ownership in 2004.

The products from Hveratún include rocket, iceberg lettuce, Grand lettuce and parsley. Magnús and Sigurlaug practise hydroponics, which involves cultivating the vegetables in a liquid nutrient solution in the greenhouses. Geothermal heat can be found in the area and the six greenhouses are all heated with geothermal water. Organic defences are used against vermin which may appear, by using their natural enemies to eliminate them.

The vegetables at Hveratún are unearthed by hand and they are delivered to consumers on the same day that they are packaged. The family works together at the production and during summers more staff is added.

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