Vegetable farmers commission their harvest to Sölufélag garðyrkjumanna (The Horticulturists’ Sales Company) and the company puts its very best effort into delivering the product to consumers, in the best and most economical way possible. With a capable management and an efficient yet simple marketing system, around 90% of the product’s wholesale price makes its way back to the manufacturers. The goals are plain and based on the experience and knowledge of the manufacturers, the vendors and the marketing people, along with the quality awareness of Icelandic consumers.

Icelandic vegetables are healthy, fresh and savoury. A high quality standard is the distinctive feature of Icelandic vegetables. Proximity to the market ensures that the time between production and distribution is as short as possible. The vegetables’ packaging is an especially important factor in relation to quality and the main objective is maintaining the taste and freshness of the product. The wholesomeness of Icelandic vegetables is apparent; uncontaminated water, clean air and soil without any additives or extra materials are what make Icelandic vegetables flavourful, nutritious and crisp.

We thank our fellow countrymen for the outstanding reception of Icelandic vegetables!