HˇlmfrÝ­ur and Steinar

HˇlmfrÝ­ur and Steinar

The horticultural farmer Hólmfríður Geirsdóttir at Kvistar in Reykholt in the district of Biskupstungur, finished her studies at the Garðyrkjuskóli ríkisins (The State’s Horticultural School) in 1982 and has pursued horticulture ever since. “We founded the horticultural facility in 2000 and moved here to Reykholt. In the beginning, we only cultivated forest plants. Today we grow both forest plants and adolescent plants intended for summer houses, in addition to raspberries and strawberries,” says Hólmfríður. She and her husband, Steinar Jensen, who is an electronic mechanic, work together at the cultivation, and according to Hólmfríður this is especially well-suited since she tends to the cultivation and he manages all maintenance and reconstructions.

The raspberries at Kvistar are cultivated in a glass house. The harvest last from May and until October. Hólfríður says that the raspberries are very vulnerable and must be carefully handled when being picked. “We put out very best effort into hygiene and those who pick the berries wash their hands thoroughly and then we also use spirits to sanitise our hands. The berries are then plucked straight into the plastic boxes in which they are sold.”

The strawberries are cultivated in plastic shelters. They use the Elsanta variety, which produces sweet and flavourful berries. The berries have entered a cooler within two hours from picking.

The cultivation at Kvistar is ecological and they use bees to pollinate the plants, as well as organic defences.

The horticultural facility Kvistar sells its own products at the farm, both the plants and the berries.
For more information, see ww.kvistar.is

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