SigrÝ­ur and Hrafnkell

SigrÝ­ur and Hrafnkell

Hrafnkell Karlsson is the farmer at Hraun in Ölfus and the director of Félag gulrófubænda (The Association of Turnip Farmers). He and his wife, Sigríður Gestsdóttir, have cultivated turnips since 1975. In 2002 they founded the managing company Hraunsós (Hraun estuary) around their land and other properties. They also breed horses, as well as growing a considerable amount of trees on the land. Furthermore, they have made use of dulse on their land, which is an age old practice. It can be bought in stores in Reykjavík, Selfoss, Vestmannaeyjar and other places; it is even being exported to Denmark.

Hraun is believed to have been inhabited since the 12th or 13th century and the estate is mentioned in written sources around 1400. Tales of conflicts at Hraun exist, recounting the slaying of sheriff Lénharður in 1502. Hrafnkell is born and raised at Hraun and his forefathers in a direct male line of descent have resided at Hraun from around the turn of the 18th century. Sigríður is born and raised in Selfoss, but traces her roots to the districts of Landssveit and Ásahreppur in Rangárþing. Hrafnkell and Sigríður began their farming at Hraun in the year of 1973.

Two varieties of turnips are cultivated at Hraunsós. They cultivate the Sandvíkur turnip, which traces its origin to the Kálfafells turnip, which is an Icelandic variant, but they also cultivate a stock which traces its origin from the north of Norway. The Sandvíkur turnip is very tasty. It is lighter than the Norwegian variant, which yellowish. Perfect cold storages are used at Hraun, which were built soon after the turnip cultivation began.

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