Sigr˙n and Ragnar

Looking over Ragnar Sveinsson and Sigrún Þorsteinsdóttir’s cultivation at Ösp it is evident that abundant colours reign supreme. The colour green can be found in various hues and a beautiful auburn colour is also present. Ragnar and Sigrún have put their very best effort into offering novelties. They cultivate twelve varieties of lettuce, including one that is bicoloured – green and red. They sell the lettuce chopped and mixed in bags, in addition to growing potted lettuce.

Horticulture began at Laugarás in the 1940s. Ragnar’s parents, Sverrir Ragnarsson and Karítas Melstað began practicing horticulture at Laugarás in 1970.

In the beginning, Sverrir and Karítas grew tomatoes and cucumbers and they began growing roses in 1987. They had altogether moved on to growing roses once Ragnar and Sigrún entered the business 11 years later, but they resumed the cultivation of tomatoes and cucumbers. Recently they added lettuce to their cultivation.

Organic defences are used during the cultivation and bees see to the pollination of the tomato plants. The tomatoes are plucked three times a week. The vegetables are delivered to consumers on the same day; gathering takes place in the morning and the product has reached stores after noon. Five people work at the facility along with the couple.

Moreover, Ragnar and Sigrún grow 13 varieties of roses and they deliver about 2-300.000 roses to the market each year. They were also the first horticultural farmers in Iceland to use organic defences for the cultivation of flowers and many have followed in the wake of their initiative. Ragnar claims that the couple are constantly searching for ways to improve the cultivation at Laugarás.

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