GrÚtar and Gu­ni

GrÚtar and Gu­ni

The brothers Guðni Einarsson and Grétar Einarsson cultivate turnips at Þórisholt in Mýrdalur. They are the seventh generation in a direct male descent that practices farming at Þórisholt, but their forefathers began farming on the land in 1842. Both Guðni and Grétar attend to the farming, while their wives Halla and Sædís Íva both work outside the farm.

Cultivation of turnips at Þórisholt began in 1980, but regular farming – the production of milk and meat – had previously been the staple of the farming. When the brothers bought the land from their parents in 1995 the turnip cultivation had become quite extensive, but since 2008 the brothers have only cultivated turnips on the land and the yearly production is up to 250 tonnes.

The farmers at Þórisholt have had a special machine built for them to assist with the turnip cultivation; this is an unearthing machine which facilitates their work during harvests. The machine has been used since 2004, but before that time all the turnips were unearthed by hand by the household. Before this they had also had built a kind of washing machine and a special conveyor belt for classification and processing.

The turnips are unearthed in September and October. They are then placed in special cold storages which they have built at Þórisholt. The storages, which are of the most perfect type, came into use in 1989 and 2000 and in them the turnips stay first class all the year round. They are stored in specially built wooden crates, so as to store them in the best possible way.

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