The horticultural facility Laugarland at Flúðir is a family business, run by father and sons Emil Gunnlaugsson and Magnús and Rafn Emilsson. Emil founded the horticultural facility Laugarland in the year of 1955, but all three have worked together at the cultivation for about 30 years.

The Laugarland facility is the only cultivator of mountain parsley in Iceland. They began cultivation of mountain parsley in 2008, to add to the variety of the cultivation at Laugarland and today they send around 500 bunches of parsley to the market each week.

Mountain parsley is different from regular parsley in the way that the leaves are flat and shiny, in addition to being tastier than those of the regular one; some people also deem it more beautiful. The mountain parsley also grows quicker and fewer leaves are plucked each time, but they are gathered each week.

Mountain spinach is also cultivated at Laugarland and they have also recently added Bláfjalla spinach. These two varieties are coarser and juicier than regular spinach and there is also some difference in taste. The Bláfjalla spinach has a blue hue, is savoury and juicy and very popular for making vegetable smoothies.

Rocket is also cultivated at Laugarland and around 1.000 bags of rocket go to the market each week.

Laugarland has 7 man-years and the greenhouses are about 6.000 square metres. In 5.600 of these square metres they grow roses, but in 300 of them parsley is grown. The parsley and spinach cultivation is ecological and cultivation takes place under electrical lighting throughout the year. The greenhouses are heated with geothermal heat.

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