Erla and ١rhallur

The same family has practised horticulture at Laugaland in Borgarfjörður since 1942. Then the public limited company Laugaland hf was founded around the cultivation and today the couple Þórhallur Bjarnason and Erla Gunnlaugsdóttir are the owners of the business. Þórhallur and Erla first entered the operation in 1986 when they bought the share of Þórhallur’s grandfather. In 2001 they then acceded to complete ownership when they bought out Þórhallur’s parents, Bjarni Helgason and Lea Þórhallsdóttir.

Þórhallur and Erla cultivate cucumbers and the greenhouses at Laugaland cover around 3600 square metres. Geothermal heat is found in the area and Þórhallur and Erla utilise their own water distribution to heat the greenhouses with water from the hot spring. The greenhouses are lit with electrical lighting and the cucumbers are cultivated all the year round. Yearly production of cucumbers is around 250 tonnes and the cultivation has about 4-5 man-years.

Organic defences are used on the cucumbers instead of toxic chemicals. They are picked each day, packaged and delivered straight to consumers, thus ensuring the freshness. Þórhallur says that he and his wife practice responsible cultivation at Laugaland and emphasise doing things well.

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