Fri­rik and Georg

Fri­rik and Georg

The horticultural facility Jörfi at Flúðir was founded in 1977. Georg Ottóson runs the facility in addition to running Flúðasveppir. At Jörfi, Georg cultivates tomatoes and pepper on 4.500 square metres of greenhouses, as well as growing vegetables outside on around 15 hectares in the land of Hvítárholt. Georg grows four variants of cabbage outside: broccoli, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage and white cabbage. Friðrik R. Friðriksson oversees the cultivation.

Georg is keen on treating the land respectfully and in his outdoor cultivation he practices so-called crop rotation, growing cabbage and corn interchangeably; he grows corn in the soil for 2-3 years before substituting it with cabbage, which is then cultivated for some time before being switched again. This enables the soil to maintain its goodness, which makes the cultivation conductive to ecological association.

10 people work at the cultivation at Jörfi. There is electrical lighting in the greenhouses and all the vegetables are watered with fresh drinking water. Bees see to the pollination of the plants and organic defences are used. The tomatoes and peppers are hand-picked three times a week and the vegetables are sorted by hand and packaged on location. Then they are delivered straight to consumers, thus ensuring the freshness of the product.

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