Sigurlaug and Ëmar

Sigurlaug and Ëmar

The horticultural facility Heiðmörk belongs to the couple Ómar Sævarsson and Sigurlaug Angantýsdóttir. Ómar is raised at Heiðmörk. He himself began cultivation of vegetables in 1985, but the couple bought the facility from Ómar’s parents in 1994. Sigurlaug is a teacher and teaches at Reykholt, in addition to keeping the books for the couple’s facility, as well as managing the staff.

In 2003 Ómar and Sigurlaug expanded and bought Birkiflöt, which is located close to Heiðmörk, and the whole business is run under the banner of the horticultural facility Heiðmörk. The couple cultivate parsley and tomatoes, both cherry tomatoes and regular tomatoes. They also grow cucumbers and leaf lettuce, which is sold in pots.

The greenhouses at Heiðmörk and Birkiflöt cover around 5000 square metres. They are heated with geothermal water, but a geothermal area is in close proximity to the facility. Bees see to the pollination of the tomato plants and organic defences are used during cultivation. Moreover, fresh drinking water is used to water the plants.

About 120 tonnes of tomatoes and 100.000 bunches of parsley are sent to the market each year, along with great quantities of cucumbers. The tomatoes are plucked three times a week and sorted by hand for consumer packaging, and the cucumbers are cut daily and packaged. The products are then sent on the same day from the facility and arrive at stores a few hours later.

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