Hildur and Helgi

The couple Helgi Jakobsson and Hildur Ósk Sigurðardóttir run the horticultural facility Gufuhlíð, which is located at Reykholt. They cultivate cucumbers and produce just about 600 tonnes of cucumbers each year.

Gufuhlíð is a family run business. Before, Helgi’s parents, Jakob Helgason and Birna Guðmundsdóttir, had practiced horticulture on the location from the year 1965, but Helgi and Hildur came into the business in 1997. Since then the facility has been developed, the greenhouses renewed and made larger, so that they now cover around 3800 square metres of land. Electrical lighting was also installed in all of the greenhouses, so cultivation can now take place throughout the year, but before it had only been possible during summers.

Helgi and Hildur Ósk care deeply about the quality of their production. Their aim is to increase both the quantity and quality of their production at Gufuhlíð. Drainage from irrigation water is reused, so that the nutrients used during cultivation do not transgress into nature.

The cultivation at Gufuhlíð is ecological, the cucumbers are grown in pumice and organic defences are used. The greenhouses are heated with geothermal heat which is taken from the district heating at Bláskógarbyggð.

At Gufuhlíð, the cucumbers are picked seven days a week, then they are packaged on location and dispatched four times a week from the facilities to consumers.

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