Sigr˙n and Ůr÷stur

Sigrún H. Pálsdóttir began cultivating turnips outside in 1985 and to begin with she only thought of it as a summer job for herself. However, the cultivation began to grow and today Sigrún and her husband Þröstur Jónsson cultivate five types of cabbage.

Sigrún and Þröstur are the second largest cultivators of white cabbage in Iceland today, but they manufacture around 75 tonnes of white cabbage each year. In addition, Sigrún and Þröstur cultivate around 10 tonnes of Chinese cabbage and red cabbage per year, as well as 2 to 3 tonnes of cauliflower and broccoli. A lot of work goes into each cabbage head and Sigrún and Þröstur do their very best to ensure quality in their production, which includes unearthing everything by hand, cleansing and sorting before the product is sent to consumers. There is only one other person employed on the facility, aside from the couple itself, but during peak times they call for an additional labour force.

The cabbage is sown during spring and cauliflower and broccoli is then harvested throughout the summer, while the harvesting season of the white cabbage is during the fall. In September they must be quick to get the cabbage into storage before the winter and the harvest season last for 4 to 6 weeks. After that the cabbage is stored fresh in a cooler and regular dispatches are made to consumers. In a good year, the harvest can last up until March.

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