Helena and Kn˙tur

Helena and Kn˙tur

The horticultural farmers Knútur Rafn Ármann and Helena Hermundardóttir are both from Reykjavík but moved to the country when they were 25 years old. They bought Friðheimar at Reykholt in 1995 and there they merged horse farming and horticulture.

The greenhouses at Friðheimar cover around 5.000 square meters. Originally, Knútur and Helena grew tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers, but in 2002 they installed electrical lighting into the greenhouses and now limit their cultivation to tomatoes. By reconstructing the greenhouses they wanted to add to the selection of tomatoes that were available in Iceland and today they cultivate four varieties of tomatoes: regular tomatoes, plum tomatoes, grape tomatoes and piccolo tomatoes. They are also the only horticultural farmers who cultivate plum tomatoes and piccolo tomatoes all the year round.

At Friðheimar, Knútur and Helena have opened their farm up to tourists. They offer horse shows on a magnificent course and visits to the greenhouses, where people are invited into the greenhouses to learn about how Icelanders can cultivate throughout the year, with a little help from nature. The most recent thing at Friðheimar is a culinary experience. The guests are invited into a restaurant that is located inside a greenhouse and encircled with tomato plants. The restaurant is open all the year round and they offer a creamy tomato soup, with a side of freshly baked bread, as well as other homemade delicacies. Thus, the couple have managed to utilise their whole harvest, since not all of the tomatoes make their way to the market as first class, due to some deficiencies in appearance. People can also take the flavour along with them, so to speak, by visiting the Little Tomato Shop, which is located at the entrance of the restaurant and sells a variety of products, which are all manufactured and packaged at the farm.

The cultivation at Friðheimar is ecological. The greenhouses are heated up with geothermal heat and organic defences are used against vermin. The tomatoes are sorted and packaged on location and labelled as a product of Friðheimar.

For more details, visit the Friðheimar website fridheimar.is

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