Flúðasveppir were founded in 1984. During the first year, 500 kg of mushrooms were cultivated in one week and it was considered good. However, with each year, the cultivation has grown and today they grow 10 tonnes each week. Flúðasveppir cultivated two variants of mushrooms, white common mushrooms and brown Chestnut mushrooms, but they are said to be particularly good for the digestion.

Georg Ottóson acceded to the management of Flúðasveppir in 2005. He had then been the chairman of Sölufélag garðyrkjumanna (The Horticulturists’ Sales Company) for some years and found mushroom cultivation an exciting project.

Georg’s goal is to improve the production with each year and he puts a lot of emphasis on cooperating with other farmers in the district. Amongst other things, Flúðasveppir produce their own compost in which the mushrooms are cultivated. They also use leftover straw from grain farmers in the South of Iceland, and excrement from the chicken farms in Rangárvallasýsla, mixed with Icelandic water, which they allow to compost for a few weeks, before the spores are sown into the mixture. Georg also cultivates grain in the fields of Gunnarsholt, and uses it for the compost, in addition to Canary grass which is grown on 80 hectares of land at Hvítárholt and is used for mixing into the fungal mass.

Around 60 tonnes of compost form each a week and it is also used to produce excellent topsoil (Flúðamold) for cultivation, but it is then mixed together with soil and pumice from the volcano Hekla. The topsoil is e.g. used where organic cultivation takes place and it is Georg’s goal to soon get Flúðasveppir organically certified.

Around 30 people work at Flúðasveppir. The mushrooms are hand-picked and around half of the employees only attend to the picking. The mushrooms are sorted by hand and then packaged on location before being sent to consumers. The mushroom cultivation is a precise task which utilises Icelandic raw material. The breeding manager is Eyríkur Ágústsson.

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