┴sdÝs and Vignir

The couple Vignir Jónsson and Ásdís Bjarnadóttir pursue cow farming at Auðunsholt in Hraunamannahreppur. In the year 1997 they began growing carrots alongside the cow farming and now produce around 100 tonnes per year.

They cultivate the carrots in a sandy soil on the banks of the river Hvítá, which is heated up with geothermal water from a well. Manure is the staple of the fertiliser used on the carrots and the cultivation is therefore ecological. Harvest takes place at the end of July. The carrots are then stored fresh in a cooler from September and over the winter, when most of the sorting and packaging occurs.

Ásdís and Vignir’s family work on the cultivation together and when it is most busy and much is at stake, such as during harvesting season, Vignir claims that the extended family is called to lend a helping hand. Icelandic consumers’ demand for quality is high and Vignir states that the family put their very best effort into meeting those demands. A lot of work goes into each carrot. They utilise machines for harvesting the carrots, which are then washed. Subsequently, each carrot is hand-pruned and then they are sorted and packaged for consumers. Two deliveries depart each week from Auðunsholt. In April the sowing for the next harvest takes place.

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